New Spirit Studio



Case study of the firm's online reputation - whether it has an active online presence or it is first launched on the internet.


Web development through customized code solutions or versatile content management systems.


Web visuals set-up aligned with the project, firm or individual brand and visual identity.


Website visuals and technical set-up fit for accessibility features.

SEO and readability

Website analysis and optimization for best readability and search engine presence (Google, Bing, Yandex, etc.).


Permanent website preservation with updates installation and parameter review for adaptation to technical changes.

I am specialised in WordPress and Moodle managing systems and in WooCommerce system.

Web development and design are increasingly important. Most bussinesses, emerging firms and enterpreneurs require a good online presence - having a website is one of the basics on this front. Which is why it is very important that your website is built properly and defines your aim clearly. What's more: your website is your presentation to the online world.

Building a webpage goes far beyond of development and design - the process must have a broad scope and take into account different aspects related to accessibility, language, usability, search engine presence, etc. Small details are vey relevant.

All these are aspects that I always take into account when I develop a website. All in all, I work for making the most of every project and for having the best result possible. If you need a new website, hit me up!

What's the process?


The structure and visuals of the web are decided alongside the client.


The project is planned and the workflow is defined.

Web development

Base and system operation are built.

Web design

The project visuals as well as its contents are drafted simultaneously.


Once the project is finished, a thorough review is carried out: mobile adaptation, SEO, accessibility, etc.

What websites have I made?


Humbert Blanco Quintanilla

Logo design
Marc Grasa Soria

Website translation
Nacho Ferrer Gonzalez
Government of Catalonia

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