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I specialize in the Ionic application framework and React and Angular technologies.

Mobile applications have become an essential tool for shops, equipment and for those virtual resources that already exist, but without a mobile presence.

There are countless apps that make work easy for many sectors, and also change the life and consumption habits of people. This has brought a growing market in which a good idea can become a very successful bussines.

Nowadays, the development of an app can be made in different ways: in a native way, in wich an app is developed specially for every operative system (mainly iOS and Android), or through a Web App programme that allows the building of a unique application for every platform.

Do you need and app? Contact me and we'll talk about it!

What's the process?


Together with the client, the structures and the design guidelines for the web are stablished.


The project is planned and the workflow is defined.


The base and the operation of the system are built.


At the same time, the projects visual part and the content are designed.


Once the project is finished, a holistic review is carried out: mobile adaptation, SEO, accessibility, etc.

What applications have I carried out?


Humbert Blanco Quintanilla

Logo design
Marc Grasa Soria

Website translation
Nacho Ferrer Gonzalez
Government of Catalonia

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