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I'm Marc Celeiro, Frontend developer and UX/UI designer 👋🏻

Comprehensive solutions
of digital communication
React WordPress WooCommerce Moodle Facebook Twitter Google


Design and development of websites from scratch or through WordPress, Moodle and the WooCommerce trading system.


Comprehensive creation of mobile applications for Android and iOS systems with Ionic, both from the design and development side.

Social Networks

Administration of social accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Incorporation of advertising and community management.


Application of coordinated Inbound Marketing techniques: Advertising, SEO, social networks, data analysis and content marketing.

Marc Celeiro

Who I am?

I'm Marc Celeiro. I started hacking computers when I was ten. Since then, I have been learning in a self-taught way the basics of the development and design of web pages and mobile applications, knowledge that I have expanded with my university studies and professional courses.

how do i do it

My professional manifesto

The construction of a new project is conceived from a global vision, taking into account each and every one of the elements that make it up.

During product design, people are always at the center of everything. You need to understand who and how each of the projects will be used.

The small details are the most important. All projects are carried out meticulously and without overlooking any element.

Technological solutions must work correctly on any device and be adapted to any person.

Some of the clients I have worked with:

Mobile World Capital Barcelona
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

What have I accomplished?

Committed to the planet

From March 2022, all CO₂ emissions caused by the web server are 100% offset by tree planting in programs around the world.


Humbert Blanco Quintanilla

Logo design
Marc Grasa Soria

Website translation
Nacho Ferrer Gonzalez
Government of Catalonia

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